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Default Re: Wrap for Fountain files ... but what's with "Estella?"

If you download Courier Prime, Wrap will use it instead of Courier-New. I wanted to see if you could also use Courier Screenplay. Yes, you can, but it's a bit of a kludge. There's an undocumented flag called --font, which requires you use the following format ...

wrap pdf estella.fountain --font "CourierScreenplay.ttf, CourierScreenplay-Bold.ttf, CourierScreenplay-Italic.ttf, CourierScreenplay-BoldItalic.ttf"

It works, but (at least so far) it appears you have to list all four files by name in the order shown (regular, bold, italic and bold-italic). I also had to move copies of these font files into the directory where I was using Wrap. Also note the commas in the font list. Required. I've just pasted the font list into Simplenote and will copy and paste when I need to use Wrap and want the Courier Screenplay font.
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