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Default Re: Wrap for Fountain files ... but what's with "Estella?"

So he was using a SHOT format for anything that began with EST because of ESTABLISHING?

I have done some programming, and I have to say that this is the kind of thing that a programmer should know would lead to errors. Crappy programming. Not a good sign.

By the way, I thought about the Italian EST for EXT, but I did not know where the programmer was from. I thought of it because I saw an Italian name somewhere when I went to Github to download the file, but I did not know if the name was that of the programmer.

Honestly, Centos, why don't you ditch Trelby? It is an abandoned program, as far as I know. Years ago I asked the developer about Unicode in Trelby (after it was renamed to Trelby), and I received an answer something like: "Naw, I don't think we will be doing that." I checked Github just now and saw that the most recent work on Trelby was three years ago, and these were two completely trivial items. And it is still written in Python 2.7 (the only "accepted" version for Trelby), though Python is now in version 3.7, supports Unicode, and is available in 64-bit).

You could use Fade In (available for Linux), write in Fountain if you want to, and import into Fade In. I do this frequently. Then you can produce a PDF from within Fade In (under FILE > Create PDF). And you get a screenwriting application with fantastic features, things like alternate scenes and alternate versions of paragraphs. And free upgrades.

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