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Default Re: Wrap for Fountain files ... but what's with "Estella?"

Originally Posted by Centos View Post
I know. It's kind of sad. But if I was still running Windows I would probably still be using it.
I still do run Windows and I still use MMS2000 when I do.

A formatter is a formatter and Movie Magic is dependable.

I once gave Final Draft (a demo version) a try. Fortunately I was just messing around, but it barfed on me, completely, and I lost twenty pages. I couldn't recover the backups either. So it got deleted right away

I tried Fade In a few years ago. I didn't have any problems with it -- I just didn't see the point of learning a new program. I'm not really interested in all the bells and whistles.

I do use the formatter at "", just so I can work on a script whether I'm using a Chromebook, Linux of Windows, since it's online. I even bought the pro version of it. (It's pretty cheap.)

But it does have its limitations and I usually do the final formatting in MMS2000.
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