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Default Re: Wrap for Fountain files ... but what's with "Estella?"

Originally Posted by dpaterso View Post
Heh. A mythical world where, when you download and install a program and click on the icon, it runs! Without having to figure a heap of stuff out.
I'm guessing you haven't run Linux in a while. In Linux Mint, if I want to run Fade In Pro, KIT Scenarist or Trelby I just go the sites, download the .deb install files and click on them.

fadein-linux-amd64-demo.deb (Debian)

KIT Scenarist ...

Download the latest version (deb-package, 64 bit)

I've uploaded Trelby to my own site to make it easier to find ...


Actually, for most applications, Linux (with its repository system) makes it easier to install standard applications than does Windows, because it's all in one place. These utilities that I'm talking about are not fun in Windows (at all). Basically, for example, there's only one version of Popplar Utilities that renders text correctly from PDF (I know, because I had to work hard to find it when I wanted to replicate it my setup on my Windows partition). Popplar Utilities comes installed by default on Linux Mint.

Modern Linux is easier to install and maintain than Windows. It's just different and there is a month (or so) learning curve for someone who only works with Windows.
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