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Default Re: Looking for an agent

Just some thoughts:

I'm not understanding the hook of this show. What is keeping me engaged? It is a good depiction of urban life, but I think it starts to get a little boring when the girl and her ex-boyfriend are brought into the picture.

Originally I was getting vibes of Requiem for Dream and perhaps The Wire in your first paragraph.

Then in the second paragraph, I thought "maybe this kid is about to be a mole now a la The Departed."

After the next paragraph, that's when the excitement stopped for me. It did not go in either or those two directions and became more of a common story about racial conflicts, which have been getting overdone of late imo.

I like the track you are on though. Best of luck with the agent submission. Make sure your pilot is 100% ready to go before you submit, because a first impression dictates everything. And you're going up against the best writers in the world.

You can find agent information online or you can also cold call places and speak to assistants and can persuade them to read your work.
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