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Default Re: Production Company Response Times

Originally Posted by maureennm
Thanks. A bit discouraging, but thanks for letting me know,
Don't be too discouraged. Many aspiring screenwriters never even get read.

When I fail to get a response after my script has been requested, I try to think of two things:

The first, they may have received 50 scripts that day and mine just happens to be at the bottom of the stack....and behind several other stacks. Could take months.

Secondly, maybe they've already read it, loved it and are secretly shopping it around trying to get folks interested in it. They're not supposed to do this without letting you know, but I'm told it happens.

Never get discouraged until you receive your 100th pass.

Oh, and never stop writing, waiting for the ship to come in.
Script #5 will probably sell before script #2.
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