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Default Re: The New Black List

Originally Posted by BattleDolphinZero View Post
If it is a problem, then it's a problem. Loglines are not scripts. Loglines suck. And good loglines are often lies. A well executed script means there is a talented writer. If there is a system that is slanted towards loglines, that is inverse of where the slant should be, no?

I have no idea if this system is slanted towards loglines. I like that there are legit people involved and it's cheap.
I'm just saying "concept is king" for a reason. A well-executed script with a shitty concept was dead at the starting line. But a poorly-executed script with a great concept at least had a chance.

I mean, it depends on what we're talking about. Are we talking about managers/agents/reps looking for writers or producers/execs looking for scripts? If it's the former, execution matters a lot more. If it's the latter, the buck stops at concept. IMHO.

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