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Originally Posted by finalact4 View Post
i've run through a number of the loglines and i don't consider them 4-quad movies at all. they aren't going to hit the under 25 male and female. typically 4Q are tentpole Pirates of the Caribbean, Lion King, Titanic, Armageddon, Men In Black, Jurassic Park, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and not all big budget, for example, The Sixth Sense was a knock out-- i think of that as 4Q.

I didn't mean four quadrant in the conventional sense of some huge blockbuster. What I meant is a script that will be relatively satisfying to everyone without offending or alienating anyone.

Maybe we can use food as an analogy. Almost everyone likes pizza and ice cream. On the other hand, sushi is a slightly more niche thing. Some people are really passionate about it, but other people find the mere thought of it repulsive.

As far as the Nicholl goes, I think you want a script that's more pizza than sushi. In order to make a deep run in the competition, your script needs to earn high marks from a variety of judges, who each have their own tastes and preferences. With that being the case, something really bizarre or off-center is unlikely to clear all those different hurdles. On the other hand, a well-executed and relatively safe script should do pretty well.

You can argue that this is both a strength and weakness of the Nicholl, as winners are likely to be solid scripts, yet some of the stuff that has strong niche potential will probably flame out. You wouldn't necessarily expect an Inception, Donnie Darko, Idiocracy, Drive, Fight Club, There Will Be Blood, Royal Tenebaums, Step Brothers, or Moonlight to dominate in this type of competition. These are NOT necessarily films that I love (or even like), but they've been relatively successful in some respects despite featuring content and creative choices that are likely to repel some people.
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