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Default Re: Reformatting from left-justified

Thank you all, and I understand your words Will.

The difference is as I mentioned - I'm not seeking first and foremost to make this a career. So, I wrote what I wanted in the length I wanted. Hacking it down has actually been more about tightening the dialogue and descriptions so it flows more quickly.

Will a long script turn some people off? Definitely. Will it prevent the film from being made? Possibly.

But, I'm not interested in changing what I wrote just to fit a page count.

If it makes it into the hands of seasoned professionals who like it but see ways around its length, I would be very open to convincing arguments. As mentioned, I did a beta read round with 10 individuals of different backgrounds and tried to implement fixes for all their major concerns, even rewriting a major supporting character.

I spent 1 1/2 years on it and four drafts. At some point, you have to say "this is done," otherwise it will never be.

If this is my one shot and the US studio system ignores or rejects it, that is fine. I still have the European market, private investors, crowdfunding, etc.

You could be 100% right, but I don't want to be discouraged by numbers or staring at page count. I'm trying to get it as lean as possible to make it as attractive as possible. But hacking it down that short could mean cutting some major supporting scenes that would change the overall meaning. I'm trying to be ruthless as I go through.

It's unfortunate that films are bound by such numbers. Books can be 50-1000 pages, so it's strange to say a story cannot be told in 80 or 300 pages. I understand in the latter case, most of them are not interesting. But it is possible to do so.

I appreciate the feedback, and you could be right. Perhaps I'll keep my modified margins but change to Letter. It added 10 pages, sadly ... but at least it should be formatted for US printing.
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