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Default Re: Reformatting from left-justified

I understand very well. I'm going out first round with trusted friends and allies and hoping it speaks to some of them, who will help me champion it with a wider group of industry pros. In my beta round, included was an actor and editor, and they were two of the biggest champions of it. At an even greater length than it is now.

This next round will go to a wider group of pros and see what happens from there.

I should state that in my other career, I have something of a fanbase and could crowdfund a decent portion of this. Just at the mere mention of the project, I had someone willing to donate a few thousand bucks sight unseen, just a fan.

That is irrelevant at the moment, as I want to write and make the best film possible and have it actually distributed, even in limited release.

It is first and foremost a human drama, and I think even a pro production of this wouldn't exceed 10 mil. Probably 5 if it was handled smartly.

So, yes it's long. But it's not an overly expensive project, considering.

I have no track record in features, however. So, I understand still there is no comparison with Tarantino, Sorkin, Roth.

I don't want to hack it down to gut the meaning or the atmosphere. Perhaps it would get financed at 120, but it wouldn't be the film I would want to make.

That said, so it sounds like messing with the margins is fine. But what is your take on A4 vs. Letter? So far Will says it matters, but does it not? If I go out with A4, it will take off 10 pages.

I'm now editing the final script in-line, and hacking out as many lines as possible. It's down to 190 Letter, 180 A4. I'm on page 35 and taking out 1 page per 10 as I go through. I still feel confident I can get it down to around 165 A4.
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