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Default Re: Reformatting from left-justified

Originally Posted by Merrick View Post
Again, I understand common wisdom. Just understand that people are trying to tell me to hit a page number without having a hint of what my film's about.

So, just think about which of those sounds crazier? Or do they both sound equally crazy.
They are not equally crazy. Just for the record, I'm not telling you to hit an exact page account. I'm just saying you should look through all a few more times to be safe.

You should absolutely do whatever you want. It's your script. It's your life.

But please understand, I've (professionally) read, covered and done notes on I don't even know how many scripts at this point. I've written scripts (nothing great). I've re-written & polished scripts (nothing big). I've worked on movies. And I've read queries, received & read countless submissions, etc. from all levels of writers. You get a very innate sense about things at a certain point.

All the best to you on this. Truly.
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