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Default Re: Seeking Suggestions for What to Ask When Contacting Industry Execs Cold

Originally Posted by socalwriter1 View Post
I’m talking specifically of people like entertainment lawyers, casting directors, finance people, etc. who have significant contact and work in the industry but who are not producers, actors, directors, agents/managers, etc.

And I have no “bridge” to them, they don’t know me from Adam. Their names were in some article I read online.

In the past, I’ve emailed them and asked for their advice on how to break in or if they knew of anyone who might be interested in my action script. (I would start out with something like, “Hi, I noticed that you were the casting director on Mega XYZ film and would like to get your advice…”)

I know that this is blunt and why should they respond to someone whom they don’t know but if I’m not that blunt, what’s my alternative?

Thanks guys.
So what happened from past experience?

Honestly, I take it the other way -- most people won't respond, so what's the harm but wasted time on your part?

Maybe you query some of those people like you would a manager --- yeah wanna read my script -- love your advice on this or that...

I think asking people that work in industry but aren't the reps might be a great idea actually.

Can you query an entertainment lawyer directly? Don't they read scripts sometimes or any read deals?

As someone who just had luck finding someone that liked my TV Pilot when I wasn't even trying but just asking their advice, I think this is actually a good way to approach stuff sometimes. Talk to anyone who may know someone. Why the hell not?

I met guy at party who works for Roc Nation -- he knows all the celebrities and reps, you know?
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