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Default Re: Seeking Suggestions for What to Ask When Contacting Industry Execs Cold

Originally Posted by figment View Post
I understand the need to network and put yourself out there -- but you may want to rethink asking a casting director or finance person (that you don't know, through email) for advice on how to break in.

I don't know that a casting director would have the power or inclination to hand a random script that has no financing, or greenlight, or reps, to an actor or director. Never say never, but it doesn't really work that way.

Turn it around, and you'll see it doesn't add up. If an aspiring casting director emailed you as a screenwriter out of the blue and said, Hi, I was wondering if you had advice for me on how to break into being a casting director? You wouldn't really have advice for them -- because why would you?

So the "alternative" is to query managers, enter contests if you feel that placement would give you a leg up, networking, trying to get reads and reps and feedback... all the boring and tedious stuff that makes us all want to slam our heads into a wall.
I agree. I don't think you'll get the results you're hoping for and it kind of paints you as an amateur. Best bet is to just focus on your writing.

Are you in LA or NY, because there are tons of other, more efficient, opportunities to network.
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