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Originally Posted by Bono View Post
So inform the dummy -- how much does that cost per script with 2 paid reviews for a month?

(sure it's on this thread somewhere and on the site, but i'm fat and lazy)
it's gone up.

$30/month X 12 (that's how many months are in a year, you know just in case) X # of years.

$75 a read X 2 = $150

so if you're on the top list, have a reader recommend and are on the featured script page you might invest in a year...

$510 -- but, you're not gonna stop at two like you should, because the next two reviews you get are free and they'll be lower, and maybe they'll be a 2 point spread, so they'll offer you a read for each at a discounted price of $40/ea. so that's an additional $80. then after the quarter is up you're on the yearly list, but you know the default is "quarter," so you just might be "smart" enough to buy two more to see if you can get back on the QUARTER list only to be hit with a wildcard 2. do you see the pattern? i'm not saying this happens all the time, but it could.

now you're north of $690.00

don't even go there, i know, i know...
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