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Default Re: SL's FGMS Writing Contest (the entries)

Excuse me, I have to go hang myself now. Thank you, Patty Loveless.

Patty Loveless "Three Little Babes"

Three Little Babes
Patty Loveless / The Cheiftains

There was a knight and lady bright
And three little babes had she
She sent them away to a far country
To learn their grammary

They hadn't been gone but a very short time
About three months and a day
Till the lark call up to this whole wide world
And taken those babes away

It was on a dark, cold Christmas night
When everything was still
She saw her three little babes come runnin'
Come runnin' down the hill

She spread a table of bread and wine
So they might drink and eat
She spread a bed of winding sheet
That they might sleep so sweet

'Take it off, take it off!', cried the oldest one
'Take it off, take it off!', said she
'I can't stay here in this wide wicked world
When there's a better one for me'

'Cold clods, cold clods down by my side
Cold clods, down at my feet
The tears my dear mother shed for me
Would wet my winding sheet'

Songwriters: Trad / Joanna Newsom

Three Little Babes lyrics Emi Music Publishing Ltd., Trad
"I just couldn't live in a world without me."
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