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Default Re: Your Modus Operandi

For an idea to really get me excited enough to write about it it has to do two things for me:
A) Constantly keep entering into my brain when coming up with ideas.
B) Be fun and original enough for me to want to write, or at least I feel I can add something to that sort of story that someone has not.

I won't just go off writing the first few things I think would make great movies, it's really gotta stick. I think you have to love it if you spend so much time with it.

With the thing I'm working on now I decided to start completely different, for this one I didn't write up a treatment. I drew up a diagram of the beginning the mid point and the ending. I approached this one like Spielberg, Lucas and Kasdan approached the "Raiders of the Lost Ark" story conferences. I made a list of all the things I would love to see in this kind of movie... set pieces, characters, situations. Once I had a pretty descent list a spent a few days piecing it all together in a way that would serve the original story I wanted to tell. Then I began writing.

This is not my usual method but it has been refreshing. A little scary too without the treatment, just a rough outline, but it's been freeing too.

In the beginning I was writing everyday, In the middle I started getting a few jobs so it had to be put on hold, but once the jobs were over I did find it a little more difficult to get back into, in fact it took me weeks to get back into. I'm towards the end now and I have been writing just about everyday squeezing out at least five pages, well mostly.

But between projects I really do get lazy. Something has to really strike a chord for me to want to commit it to paper. I hope to be done with this one before years end.

So that's how I'm working. Lately

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