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Originally Posted by CthulhuRises View Post
I notice on your website that you ask for writers with reps to sign up as "industry professionals." Do you consider this service only for unrepped writers, or something which could feasibly benefit repped writers as well? Obviously if you have reps, you shouldn't need this kind of thing...but hypothetically speaking (say if it's something your reps never wanted to go out with, but a personal passion project that you think might generate interest from someone)?
We grant access to the industry professional site to represented writers as a courtesy and acknowledgement that what the Black List does most directly affects them. Moreover, we want to provide tools to those writers to take a more active role in their writing careers in concert with the representatives who work with and for them. Also, writers can also be directors and producers and we want to facilitate that work as well.

I do think there is a value in professional writers uploading their scripts to the site. In the coming weeks, we will be adjusting the functionality of the site to accommodate just that (whereas now there are two separate memberships, one that allows unrepped writers to pay to upload their scripts and one that doesn't allow for that.)

If you'd like to do so before we make that an integrated part of our site, feel free to email us at, and our CTO Dino Sijamic will help you out.
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