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Default Re: Tips For Writing A Screenplay

Originally Posted by billmarq View Post
Sorry. I felt compelled to point out the most common mistake I see every day in screenplays and social media posts. Feel free to ignore.
What was I writing? I haven't got a clue. I was "emoting" -- letting my words outstrip the arbitrary shackles of the mundane dictates of grammar. It's not what I write that matters, but how I *feel* about what I write that counts. Does this scene result in feelings of positive self-worth? Does it,ultimately, lend itself to true self-actualization? These are the questions the enlightened writer asks -- not the pedestrian inquiries of the mindless automaton hack, such as... Does my writing conform to the norms of formatting? Does it communicate, tell a story? Will someone want to read it? Can I *sell* this story? "Grammatic" belly crawlers, such as these, will never reach the next stage in development. True, they may attain financial success and a false sense of self-worth in the adulation of a fawning public -- but, sadly, they remain, and always will remain, mere hacks -- those who put "communication" over self-expression. Pity them.
I warned you.
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