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Default Re: A great read for all writers about producers

Why don't they feel that passionately about their gaffer?


Huh? Directors work with the same dp's, ad's, art dept, gaffers, fx, make-up etc all the time--probably more than they do with actors. It's just a matter of comfort i.e. knowing what you're going to get and personalities that work well together.

It's the same as most any other industry--if you know what you need and know a 100% a certain person can give that from prior experience with that person--why would go out and use a person that "might" be able to give you what you need?

As for "feeling thart passionately about their gaffer?" what are you basing this on? B.S. quips on Extra or bites from the "making of DVD?" or a promo interview?--it's hollywood schtick--no producer at extra is going to ask a director about a gaffer--it's not good copy and no one wants to hear a somebody talk about some dude they've never heard of.

Billy Bush:

Mr. Scott what was it like working with Mr. Crowe again?


Russell is so focused, so wonderful, so driven--he's not simply just a man, he's almost something above that---it's almost as if calling him a man would be an insult as man can be a cruel ugly creature and applying any such adjective to one as enlightened as Russell borders on criminal. He's an artist in the purest of terms. He just better than everyone--when he farts, lillies bloom.

i.e.--hey joe america--come see this actor whose life you wish you had in our new movie and for two hours you can live vicariously thru that fantasy!!
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