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I agree with everyone from Joe9 to Cole and everyone else with their point of view.

If you get the email info, which if you have not, pm me, go for it, or mail or fax them a Query. Who cares what all the other doubters think. Bottom line is, if it is good, even the kings of the hill will be interested despite whatever policy they or their office has.

I mean after all i sent a cold query to Mike Esola at WME (whose name last time i checked was on just about everything selling on trackingb), whose corporate policy is to not accept unsolicited material. I know, chances are i wouldnt even hear back from him or i would get the lawyer email response.

But no, Mike actually read the query, passed on the concept and told me why he was passing was because there was a similar idea already in production at ICON.

Worst thing that can happen is you either get a pass or no response what so ever.
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