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Originally Posted by Biohazard View Post
Frank's not the one in the ring fighting. Frank's not the one riding the bus home, longing to have a better life. Frank's not the one trying to support his family. Frank's not the one doing anything except trying to help the protagonist achieve her goal.

Sure, Frank may have struggles of his own and might even arc, but it's not his story.
hehe... we disagree and that's cool.

protagonist's actions can be as subtle as a web of protective self-defense mechanisms to avoid being hurt. and antagonist derives from antagonize.

maggie wasn't trying to support her family, she didn't even like her family. and frank didn't want to help her; he wanted her out of his gym through the first act. he turned her down several times until she had antagonized him so persistently, that he gave in. up to that point, she was using a workout ball that eddie gave her against frankie's wishes.

over to casablanca or shawshank or... where were we?
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