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Default Re: Beware of Development Interns stealing your ideas

Originally Posted by Filmfelinemeowmeow View Post
I basically wrote a script where the TV shows’s main characters [have to] do what appears inside a book. Sort of a magic book, if you will...
That's a pretty common trope.

That's not a criticism - TV thrives on these kinds of stories ... but it has been done many times before.

I know I've seen it on 'Sabrina' (which I was watching for .. umm ... research) - and there was a film with that conceit as well. (I think it was called 'The Real Story' ?)

I've seen it in several other places too - but they escape me.

Again - this isn't a criticism. In fact - it shows you've got the style of the show nailed down when you are generating similar story lines to the actual show.

Good luck !

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