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Default Re: So this is what happened to me...

Originally Posted by pickerman123 View Post
I canít get my head around this one. Itís never happened to me. Has anyone experienced this 180 degree turn around from excited to ignore? If so, please let me know, Iíd hate to think Iím the only one who has gone through this!
Had a very similar situation this year except it wasn't 1 week it was more like a month and some change of no replies to emails or calls. I later got an email she sent out to what seems like everyone in her address book saying she was resigning and had also moved out of the country. Also later found out through her co-worker -- who had originally introduced us -- that she had just gotten married and her husband got a gig in you never know what's going on in these people's lives.

Guess you know by all the responses that you shoulda never let an exec make changes to your my situation the person just gave notes and asked me to just do a quick outline based on the changes we agreed to and that's what she was going to pitch to her addition to the script I had sent originally.
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