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Default Re: So this is what happened to me...

Originally Posted by JeffLowell View Post
This should go without saying, but never send the final draft file of your script out. Send a pdf. Always. Even when you're being paid to write. If they want the Final Draft (or MMS) file, they should ask you for it, and they should have a pretty good fucking reason why they're asking for it. It usually means you're getting fired.
Absolutely. The only time I've ever released Final Draft files was when producers requested them upon exercise of their options and I got paid.

I had two different managers ask for Final Draft files.
Me: "Really? Why?"
Manager: "Well, there are some minor changes needed and it would be quicker if I just made them."
Me: "Give me the notes. I'll make the changes and send you the new PDF."

I'm not with either manager anymore.
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