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Default Re: New prodco to focus on female directors and "strong roles for women"

Originally Posted by Rantanplan View Post
I think women who are control freak "bitches" would make great directors. Time to redirect their attention away from the husband and kids and onto the set.
I don't know if being a control freak is a good thing for film directing but ... I've had women supervisors and bosses and I found the one and only control freak I worked for actually slowed down productivity because she would get distracted by minutiae that was really someone else's job. I only worked for her about a year before she was let go and I got her position.

Example, she once wasted an hour starting a controversy over the fact that the dept. secretary didn't ask her to approve the choice for catering bagels for a morning meeting. She went up the ladder complaining about it. Meanwhile that hour needed to be applied to properly preparing for the meeting. With the CEO. Who expected perfection. Seriously? Bagels? Who cares?
Advice from writer, Kelly Sue DeConnick. “Try this: if you can replace your female character with a sexy lamp and the story still basically works, maybe you need another draft.”
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