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Default Re: Is it harder to be signed as a duo?

Originally Posted by HairyOtter View Post
In response to Staircase, I was referring to the pipe dream of again a perfect world where we would get our individual managers and either continue to write together or be able to write separately. A guy can dream right??
This ends up being remarkably difficult in practice.

The problem is that you're both going to have lives, and every time one of you takes a solo job, the other loses an opportunity for a partnered job.

Furthermore, you're generally going to be making twice as much on solo jobs. Therefore, when given the choice, you're going to have a strong incentive to take the solo job. But where does that leave your partner if she doesn't also have an opportunity for a solo job? You'll find yourself in the position of either having to take a worse-paying-job (or even if the money was equal, perhaps, a job you like less) or watching your writing partner have to get a day job.

That puts an awful lot of strain on a relationship.
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