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Default Re: Potential Manager Wants 3 Year Contract

Get a lawyer to look at contract before signing anything.

Make sure there is an 'out clause' so that you can get out of the contract at anytime with say a 30 day notification.

Without an 'out clause' it's almost like indentured servitude where a writer can be trapped working for free for that particular manager for the duration. If the writer ever disagrees with the manager, the writer has almost zero power the because it's not like you can just go somewhere else. Is that a situation you want to potentially find yourself in? (Although, a good, expensive lawyer could probably get a writer out of a bad contract)

With an 'out clause' the manager does not have the same near-complete control over your writing for a period of time, which encourages a more collaborative relationship versus a manager-as-dictator status. Also with the 'out clause' the period of time of the contract becomes irrelevant, which is why so many reputable managers will work with a 'handshake agreement', and don't require writers to sign an extra long, 3 year, indentured servitude-esque contract.

When presented with the idea of an 'out clause', an unscrupulously type of manager may object saying something like they 'don't want to invest their time only to have a writer leave them'. The writer can counter by saying something to the effect of, 'if we're working well together, why would I want to leave?'

Always be wary of anyone who wants to make money on a project, but doesn't want to risk investing their time or money in that project. It's a business of risks.
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