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Default Re: Amazon Studios 45 days - Still evaluating?

Originally Posted by catcon View Post
The metrics I described were for features.

I haven't written any pilots, per se, but have successfully broken up some of my features into pilots+episode(s), and typically those were processed over a range of 40-80 days with 2-5 downloads; all passes unfortunately.

It seemed at that time the studio took more time with pilots. And note, it was confirmed from AS personnel that they use different readers for features and pilots.

I should add, that all I'm submitting these days are revisions, not originals. Over the past year I've done some heavy polishes of my stuff, and AS hadn't had a look at some of them in 2-3 years.

So give it another whirl if you have something interesting!
Yikes! Those are good results. I submitted a pilot -- it was downloaded once, and was in Evaluating for over a year and then went straight to a pass.

You must have stuff that piques their interest right off the bat
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