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Originally Posted by JimHull View Post
Loglines illustrate and summarize the most interesting or compelling parts of a story. An author may choose to emphasize any portion of a story's structure, making one element more interesting than the next, with little to no effect on the structure itself. The intensity of one does not negate the necessity of the other. Whether or not Darabont spent more time on Andy's story does not change the fact that the film is seen through Red's eyes. It is his personal perspective on the events that unfold that we as an audience share, and it is an integral part of the story's message.
I still don't see anything here that goes against the idea that Red is simply the Narrator, telling the story of Andy, the Protagonist.

If you don't think Red's role fits this already pretty well established storytelling device, could you please explain why.

It seems like you're trying to sell a new paradigm to replace one that currently works perfectly well.
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