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Default Re: Question about copyright

Originally Posted by SoCalScribe View Post
That's not accurate. If it's part of the same body of work (i.e. same characters, settings, etc.) those intellectual property rights go to the company along with the script when you assign the copyright. When a company buys a script, they're not just buying the words on the page... they're buying the intellectual property (i.e. the ownership and right of control over everything in that material). Whether we're talking about these thirty pages, or a short story, or another script, or a sequel, or a novel... the right to create something based on these characters, settings, etc. are purchased by the company... which means the writer no longer has the right to create material based on this intellectual property without prior permission.
I guess what I'm imagining in this scenario is if I chop 30 pages of scenes and dialogue and if its any good, I could recycle those scenes and dialogue in another script. First thought that comes to mind is the coat hanger gag in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Spielberg used it first in 1941 and decided to cut it because it didn't work, but it fit perfectly in Raiders. If I write a clever comedy and have to slash 30 pages of quippy dialogue and great ideas in scenes I could very easily use them in the future if I don't sell them. I understand what you mean about intellectual property SoCalScribe, but I'm wondering if he's just talking about some good ideas that can be used in other scripts.
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