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Default Re: Question about copyright

Originally Posted by TheKeenGuy View Post
I'll drive myself crazy if I try to track down where I read this, but I recall a sold writer discussing how part of the script sale often involves the studio acquiring the rights to all drafts of a screenplay that have been written, not just the final draft.
That may be common practice but surely would be subject to negotiation. Someone making their first sale might have to agree but a successful writer selling a hot script could say no.

And, to put it bluntly, how would they know? If you haven't registered, or only registered the final draft, how would they ever know you re used a scene discarded from an earlier draft?
And even if you did reuse a scene simply changing the characters and rewriting it would mean it was a new work anyway. Unless it was word for word identical how could it be an infringement?

If I sell a script where I had deleted a scene with a guy robbing a bank does that mean I can never write another script ever with a guy robbing a bank?
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