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Originally Posted by nDanger View Post
I'm just curious if the following happens very often, if at all...

You're in a meeting, say at a studio or whatever, and you get asked what properties from their back catalog you would be interested in rebooting/re-imagining.

Is this something that happens?
I had something similar, with a producer who had the rights to a bunch of books, and was curious if any of them appealed to me.

The problem with this sort of situation is that you're talking about a low-priority project, and low priority projects tend not to turn into paying jobs. So really that's an invitation to do a whole bunch of work to develop a pitch, and have them then say, "That's a good pitch, we liked it, but we don't love it enough to invest a bunch of money in it. Maybe you want to try another one of our old projects?"

Repeat ad infinitum. Lots of work. No pay.

Inactive projects are usually inactive for a reason. There are a lot of traps there for the baby writer. I'm not saying it never happens, but you need to be very careful, because a development exec saying, "Sure, work up a pitch for that, we could be interested" takes him all of 5 seconds, but it's weeks of work for you.

This is one of those places where you really need an agent or a manager who can figure out if this is a project they might actually be willing to invest in.
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