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Originally Posted by cvolante View Post
On the other hand, if it's this awesome thing you totally would've loved to write but couldn't because you didn't own the rights, BINGO. Here's your chance to do it with actual possibility.

Think of the person who first wanted to do Wonder Woman, or Jason Segal with Muppets or whatever.

But there's a big difference between Jason Siegel coming to a producer and saying, "I want to do something with the Muppets, and I'll star, are you interested?" - at which point they run some numbers, and say yes, and THEN he works up a pitch - and a producer just sort of shrugging and saying, "anything in our back catalog that you like?"

In the former case, there is some excitement and enthusiasm for the project among the people who are going to have to cut a check. In the latter case, there isn't.

I'm not saying it never ever happens. I'm saying that it happens far, far less than writers who end up wasting their time chasing a project which isn't going to turn in to a real job for anyone.

Development budgets are shrinking. Very few production companies will finance fishing expeditions like this, especially with baby writers.

Just be aware.
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