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Originally Posted by nDanger View Post
I'm just curious if the following happens very often, if at all...

You're in a meeting, say at a studio or whatever, and you get asked what properties from their back catalog you would be interested in rebooting/re-imagining.

Is this something that happens?

What would be some of the properties writers on Done Deal would like to work on?
Doesn't really happen--exceedingly rare if at all. The know their own libraries extremely well and I can guarantee they are gone over with a fine tooth comb fairly regularly. I sat in a room at MGM a while back with two massive binders that contained titles and one liners of every single property that they own--I think there were something like six thousand in all took me a half day to go through them.

The few that I found that were interesting were already back in development in some fashion.

I did learn however that MGM owns a mountain of incredibly, unbelievably shitty movies.
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