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Default Black List Option - Slayer

I don't know if Joel visits this site or not, but I noticed that his script, which was a Featured Script on the Black List website maybe about four months or so ago, was optioned last Friday and the writer's manager is Daniel Vang and Scott Stoop.

So, the Black List can be a way to get your script into hollywood's hands.

I just wanted to congratulate, Joel, Daniel, Scott and everyone else involved and wish them the best on their journey into development of the feature and graphic novel.

Title: Slayer
Logline: When his wife is kidnapped and his village slaughtered, a simple fisherman trains for 20 years to become the greatest warrior alive in order to wreak vengeance on the four demonic knights responsible.
Writer: Joel Dorland
Manager: Daniel Vang & Scott Stoop
Mngmnt Firm: Good Fear Film + Management
Prod. Co: Prime Universe Productions Marlowe Pictures
Genre: Action Fantasy
Logged: 1/13/2017
More: Option. Spec. Adrian Askarieh and Giulio Marantonio will produce. Tim Daniel and artist Christian DiBari have been hired to create a one-shot graphic novel based on the script.
My script Tracker is currently the Featured Script so, I am hopeful, too. We already had an option offer from someone who found it on the Black List. Didn't work out.

This just shows that writers break-in in all kinds of ways. So, keep writing, and never give up.

Wishing everyone a very prosperous writing year.
“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist,” Pablo Picasso

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