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Default Re: Advice Pls - Producer Wants to Talk

I think it has to be all about landing a manager. A good one that loves your work. They aren’t the be-all-end-all but ultimately you need to get in rooms. So listen to what they have to say (“I want a zero dollar shopping agreement” and “let’s make this a TV show” currently the morning line favorites) and play it cool and do what you have to - maybe it’s your next conversation - to parlay this into a referral. This is a high-ish budget thing with no IP, correct? Gotta play the long game here, IMO.

“My has been optioned by such and such and I’m looking for representation” is not a bad pitch in queries. I did it. It turned off some managers but is your goal to be repped by someone who just wants to produce or someone who loves your work? Because the former would be the type to be turned off by this.

I’d play it slow-ish and not commit to anything and just hear this person out, keeping all options open. They may volunteer a referral on their own.
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