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Default Re: Linking up with producers early on

Originally Posted by TravisPickle View Post
Re: TV sale... I wrote a pitch deck two years ago. Sat on my managers’ desks for two years.
I sent it to a producer who works with another producer who has a 1st look deal with the channel. It’s one of the channels with three letter is in it.
We all got on a call and they asked good questions. It was super chill. 48hrs later they bought it.
Makes me wonder why the hell I have managers to begin with (and this is after I fired my agents)

Re: the other project... other ppl make v good points about keeping my doors open. I think I’m mostly driven by insecurity. Like... marrying the first person who wants to shag you. Hi!
Every writer is driven by insecurity. If they are legit though, that's not a bad scenario. At least it's a TV show and a film spec. I was worried it was 2 unsold film specs...

But I understand, it's always better to have options. And sometimes producers slow the process down. And if they don't like it at the end of all that time, you can't really do anything with it because they helped you develop it... So sure I got those points too. But finding someone else to love your idea isn't always easy either... there are pros and cons to this all.

I'm most confused by wanting to get a writing partner for the specific location. That's a whole other can of worms. Why would you do that to yourself?
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