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Default Re: Thirtysomething Reboot

Originally Posted by JoeBanks View Post
i watched thirtysomething pretty religiously toward the end of its original run. although the show started out the way it was stereotyped -- whiny, self-absorbed white boomers talking about their first-world problems -- it opened up into some pretty compelling stuff later on. basically when Elliot and Michael lose their own ad agency and get bought out by Miles Drentell, it got pretty good. really it was Zwick and Herskovitz using advertising as a metaphor for the television industry to **** on network TV and the executives (even as they were getting tons of shitty notes from ABC to try and boost the ratings!). not all of it has aged tremendously well but it's also important to remember in the context of mid-80s network landscape, there was NOTHING like this on the air to that point. Bochco had pushed the envelope some with Hill Street Blues and LA Law and St. Elsewhere had done the same for medical dramas. but mostly it was Steven Cannell-style junk. the follow up that Z&H made (after exec producing My So Called Life), Once and Again was much better. criminally underrated and underseen, like most of them

(assuming this sequel does go to series, i'd KILL to write for it so if anyone has an in with Ed or Marshall, feel free to PM me)

Hey. I like that Stephen J. Cannell junk because 1) his production bumper got me into writing and 2) I couldn't relate to normal, average people who either cheated or were cheated on or went through a disease because I was a weird kid at the time.
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