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Default Re: Producer liked my script, need advice.

Originally Posted by nitrohawk91 View Post
Hey guys,

A reputable production company requested my pilot script after I queried them.
The founder of the company emailed me today saying he liked the script and asked me questions about future episodes/ if I had a bible, etc.

The issue is, I don't have a bible. Should I be straight up to him, get back to him right away? Or should I write my ass off this weekend and get back to him with a bible next week?

The only reason I'm asking, is that I've been in this situation before. I've had prodcos/producers talk a big game about selling my material, only to have the whole thing fizzle. I understand there is like a 99% chance that the interaction isn't going to go anywhere.

I hope this doesn't sound lazy, but the bible would be a pretty big undertaking. Not really crazy about the idea of dedicating an insane amount of work to it unless it's necessary.

To be clear, he didn't ask me to write one, just asked if I have one. Is it the kiss of death if I say no? I don't want to look like an amateur.

Any relevant experiences or advice is welcome. Thanks!
Put together a couple pages. It doesn't need to be a huge 20 page bible, but it should give him the information he wants. Plus, the more you have in there, the more there will be for him to pick apart. Most likely, he wants you to have something but not so much that he can't put his thoughts in as well.
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