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Default Re: Log The Line... LOGLINES

Joe, this is all so depressing. You sent off what 10 queries, got 1 read with PASS and that's it? One rejection and you abandoned a script. This is not how to do it, man. I want you to succeed, but you are standing in your own way. Don't you see that? There is learning from your mistakes than their is being afraid to make a mistake. You're supposed to have a great script and send it to 1000 people and hope 10 want to read it and 1 loves it. That's the game of specs.

So how are you going to know if what you feel strongly about loglines is right, if you don't send them out into the world and try to get your stuff moving?

You've spent say 100 hours talking about how to write the perfect logline, but only 1 hour actually trying to write a logline for you to send out. Reverse that! You said a writer "must do this, this, this or so and so says this this this..." well jump into the game and find out for yourself. Please. You can't become a screenwriter unless you go on to the next step. The business step.

When I was applying to colleges, my shitty guidance counselor give me the reasons not to apply. He said "You won't get in." So I said, "If I don't get in, then I won't go." He laughed. And this guy had zero sense of humor, so that was a great victory in many ways.

That's how I've felt about querying since. It's always a NO until you ask when it MAY BE a YES, but it's for sure a NO if you never ask.

As the great Michael Scott in The Office quoted the best hockey player of all time (or one of them) Wayne Gretzky "You Miss 100% of The Shots You Don't Take."

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