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Default Re: The New Black List

I apologize in advance for my Negative Nancy tone but understand this concept seems to be the next "great thing" for writers, much like Amazon studios was last year. I am skepical.

Rightly or wrongly, this is how I understand it:

1. Newbie writers will be paying a $25 monthly fee to "rent" space on a database in a new (monetized) section of your Black List website, which is accessible to, and frequented by, industry people (of all levels, I imagine).

2. To move one's script to the recommended section of this database, a writer needs to pay an additional $50 for a read and have the talent required to secure high scores (8s out of possible 10s).

3. If they do not get high scores, or if they choose not to pay extra for a read, their work falls to the bottom of the heap and the likelihood that any industry people will read their script is very, very low. However, they're welcome to continue paying the monthly fee to remain on the database albeit in virtual Siberia.

If the above is correct, I have only one question which relates to the other side of the equation: the 1000+ industry professionals who are already Black List members.

What is the likelihood these people (or their assistants?) will actually scour this new, monetized section of the website looking for scripts, on a regular basis?

Surely these are busy folks already fielding material sent to them via other channels, including the good old cold query.

Perhaps michaelb and SBScript, professionals who secure material, will answer this. How likely would you be to regularly check the New Black List for material?
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