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Originally Posted by Steven Jenkins View Post
I'm covering this flaw by exposing that the mem-stick is hardware protected, so if it's inserted into a standard USB port the data gets fried - and if it's posted in the mail it could get intercepted by the authrities who are hunting for the mem-stick.
I think you did just answer your own question. Those sound okay to me. And I'm not sure how much comedy you have in your script, but you could have your main character try to mail the mem-stick, but when he goes to the UPS store to send it out, maybe he's not confident in their ability to get the package out without damaging it. (I'm thinking of the opening of Ace Ventura, only I don't think you need to be as broad as that.)

As far as fatal flaws, there is no greater flaw than in The Fellowship of the Ring when they're discussing what to do with the One Ring: Just have the eagle drop it into the volcano. Yeah, yeah, before all the Ring fans get up in arms about how the eagles wouldn't be involved in the affairs of man, blahblahblah...but you woulda thought SOMEONE would've mentioned it.

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