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Default Re: Seeking Your Opinions!

Originally Posted by grumpywriter View Post
Yeah be very careful with this. I once had a situation like this with a producer -- a reputable one with some big credits. He said he liked my script but would like to see some notes/changes applied to it before they option it. He gave me a ton of notes on it, and since the notes made sense, I made the changes according to his notes in what amounted to a very big rewrite. And then, of course, in the end, they didn't end up optioning it because of financial commitments to another project, or his partner, or something -- can't remember the reason. Moral of the story, don't ever do it expecting it to result in an option and only do it if the notes make sense to you. The good news was my script became way stronger because of the rewrite and I was able to go on to get a major director attached to it.
Well, I guess I'd better bring my hopes down a notch (or several)! Thanks for sharing your experience in a similar situation. Luckily the notes I received make sense to me too and I feel that a rewrite will definitely make the script stronger. I guess all I can do is keep my fingers crossed and see what happens. Thanks for looking out and glad to hear of your success!
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