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Originally Posted by SBdeb View Post
I recall wondering the same thing re. "setting."

It did sound like they rather enjoyed the read, so that's gotta be encouraging.

Did you feel that what they suggested were "weaknesses" were possibly true, or things others had told you (or you had thought yourself at some level?)

This evaluation is the only feedback Iíve had on the script. Itís difficult to weigh it. I need to get more eyes on it, see what comments represent the norm, which are outliers.

Some of the weaknesses led me to question other things. The evaluator wanted more development of Eleanorís character earlier on. However, I donít show her at all until the end. I didnít want to show her because I thought audiences would then expect to see Jackie and her reunited and I wanted them to actually consider that he might not ever see her. They might never see her. So I canít tell if that worked or what.

The strange thing is that I really thought I would get hit on the arc. Little weird to disagree with a strength.

Easy to agree with things like, dialogue thatís on the nose.

A detailed explanation of each screenplay element would be nice, a rough rubric. So the meaning of a six would be more concrete.

Proposed Blacklist rubric:

1. Learn the basics.
2. You got some of the format right but learn the basics.
3. Well, you got the format right.
4. This is your first script, isnít it.
5. Can write, but isnít salable.
6. If you stand on this box you can see the horizon.
7. Youíre standing on the box.
8. You look beautiful in this light.
9. Are you single?
10. Let me put some lotion on those shoulders.
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