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Default Re: Non conventional scripts

I remember reading something about a script that was written entirely in the first person.
Hmm, I suppose that means that the action is all told from the standpoint of a narrator who writes as I/me. I guess you could do it, but why? The I/me narrator would have to be in every scene as the observer.

Another one that had graphics and drawings in it - a collection of clues that lead to the mystery being unraveled.
The script for "A Quiet Place" that I saw recently had a good many graphics. That was the only time that I have ever seen them used in a script. Maybe this is the screenplay that you have in mind.

I was not impressed with the screenplay. I thought that it was just a pretentious one-off curiosity. However, I am not opposed to using graphics in a script (although I know that it is rarely if ever done).

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