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Default Re: Open source software for screenwriters

Hello friends.

Finally, it happened! The mobile version now also has a card module! Dreams of lounging in bed and work with the cards now become a reality!

A few words about how to work with cards in the mobile version:
1. the cards themselves are located in a separate menu item, which is called "Cards"
2. to move the card to another place, you need to use a long touch. You clamp the card, and when it is ready for dragging, it rises from the board
3. editing of the card is based on the same principle - you need to capture the card, after which it will become active and can be edited using a special button in the top bar
4. the size of the cards, the distance between them, their geometry and the need to use the corkboard background can be set in the application settings. There appeared a separate section for setting up cards.

You can get your copy of the iOS mobile app here - and here for Android -

I wish you all a good day, guys!
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