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Default Re: Meeting with network development contact -- thoughts?

The desire to avoid looking desperate is the exact reason I usually don't carry my scripts around with me. (That, and it'd be heavy.) Clearly my initial instincts still apply.

Lots of good advice, odriftwood, thanks! I watch enough of the network's shows to legitmately talk up a few with pleasure, and in fact, did so when first emailed by the guy in question. But I really like the question about what show on another network he wishes he had, too.

Of course, now that I actually started talking about it, the meeting's been rescheduled. The power of posting, I guess. But now it's pushed back to the first week of January, so the rest of you all have a chance to chime in with tips, if you like!

Or not. But again, thanks for the great pointers, odriftwood.
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