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Originally Posted by zenplato View Post
I think this guy is pulling our chain. Surely no one really thinks like Jim does.
Rick as the antag?
Somebody was pulling MY chain when I suggested Rick may be Lazlo's Antag (not the Story's Antag).

There's some big parrallels between Casablanca and Scrooge, I'm certain. Scrooge is unquestionably the antagonising protag, the same way as Rick is.

But on the other hand, Bob Cratchit isn't at the forefront of a global and noble cause, putting his life in danger at every turn.

Also, Dickens wasn't trying to show some heroic type leading a noble cause in the background, while in the forground the story's MC just watches on the sidelines agonising about something intensely personal. However, I do believe both authors almost scream at their audience the question: "notice anything familier".

But I wont mumble any more rubbish about this. At the end of the day what the hell do I know about multiple storylines. I'm struggling with just one.
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