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Default Re: Would you keep reading this?

If I were hired as a contest reader or being paid by a prodco to read and evaluate for story and production viability and feasibility? Absolutely, because it's my job.

Read it out of interest? Dunno. I'm not put off by anything I've seen here. But I'm usually too busy writing my own stuff to read others' scripts. (Yep, the secret is out: I don't read many scripts, but I am spending WAYYYY too much time on this board these days.)

By the way, I'm only about 12 hours away from having seen "Psycho" for maybe the tenth time, last night, and this opening reminds me a lot of that. Hmmm, let's see.... "psycho opening scene" in the YouTube search bar found it in 0.015 seconds.

Oh, then there's that early long camera movement in Citizen Kane.

No doubt lots of others.

In other words, if somebody wants to see how it's done, there are lots of precedents.
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