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Default Re: WGA Offers a One Year Respite?

Originally Posted by Bono View Post
Gucci -- now I'm even more confused by your backstory. You're a writer now or always? Or were you also on the agent/rep side as I think your posts said?
I fell into writing super late. I read scripts and gave notes on them for years for my agent wife. Yup, a lot of those notes were mine. Still it didn't occur to me to try writing my own script. Not for 10 years of doing that. I was a film composer at the time. I had a meeting with a composer agent at ICM (I was agent-less as a composer, main gig ghost writing for other composers). During that meeting we got off topic and discussed screenwriting and how much easier it was to break in. Epiphany. Maybe I should try to write my own script. My ex (CAA agent at the time) was adamant that I not write a script and "stay in my lane." I wrote it anyway. 16 days later I had a script. She read it. Liked it, a lot. But was worried she may have a bias. She gave the script to head of lit at CAA with me using a fake name in case they hated it. Loved it. Handed me down to a mid level who also loved it. A couple weeks later I'm repped. And I admit my real name, because I already know this agent.

I sell a show etc.

Fast forward a couple years I almost die and my ex is fired. We then started a management company. It was her face, but I was doing the dealings and notes etc behind the scenes. Accidentally became a manager for 3 years. My W2s say "manager" so I suppose I can legally claim I was one. We had a pretty great run. Made a lot of money. Seemed like everything was selling. So, I wasn't writing. That company dissolved and now I'm back to being a loser writer. LOL. Any heat I had as a writer was long gone. So I had to write new stuff and rep up a second time... which was WAY harder this time.

Out of the new stuff I've written, I haven't sold anything. Only generals. I'm out with a show right now. Fingers crossed!
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